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Sydney Park Pavillion

Sydney Park
Euston Road St Peters 2044

About Us

A community for everyone
Taking the community spirit to the next level, through Dance

Established in September 2015 by three Forró lovers, our community was created to spread the love of Forró in Sydney; offering free dance classes throughout the city.
Forró is a music and dance style originating from the northeast of Brazil. As a partner dance, Forró has influences from European ballroom dances and more recently from Caribbean dances.
We engage locals, visitors and wanderers alike and share values of respect, tolerance, patience, love, harmony and awareness using Forró as a medium.
We welcome people from every social and cultural background, regardless of their religion, sexual orientation or disability.
After one year, a strong community is now established in Sydney, with 60+ regular weekly students and hundreds of occasional guests. We invite you to explore the many challenges and benefits that dance, and community, can bring. Be welcome!!

  • We would like to thank all the volunteers that helped or help this community to be sustainable, active and vibrant. Our goal is to engage people in our community as much or as little as they want. Volunteers enlighten our community with their energy. Some come and go, others come and stay, but they all leave their trace.

  • Augusto, Kris, Moritz, Dan, Claus, Ama, Seno, Sam, Lydia, Bee, Zishan, Eduardo, Hebert, Helena, Guilherme, Letícia, Heewon, Camila, Stephen, Tina, Diego, Natalia, Eddy, Gabriel, Georgia, and many others.

  • To all the students, dancers, Forrozeir@s and Forró enthusiasts all over the world and for the happiness they share through Forró. Forró can change people's lives, transform their paths and create beauty in the world.

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